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Automate your workflows with Github Actions

Automate your workflows with Github Actions

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Introduction to GitHub Actions -

Why you need to automate your workflows let's see why you need GitHub Actions.

Suppose : A project that you are created or deployed on server.

Example you created a machine Learning model to predict that following text spam or not and the model is deployed on a server and your model is trained on some text now what happened is the spammers sents mail and on that mail text are little bit different and your model predicts wrong.

Because spammers know which words in your model are in spam category.

This means what :) Your model is old you need to retrain your model okay no problem.

Let's retrain your model :( You need set your model into your local machine then add new data to retrain your model then you deploy again to server.

Suppose spammers again sent mail with new type of words Point is whenever you need to train your You have to do all these things again and again in your entire life come on you are developer you need automate all these things.

Here, GitHub Actions (CI/CD) come into the picture GitHub Actions provides you a automate workflows by a yaml file.


GitHub Actions provide you a different templates :

Just go to : Actions tabs in GitHub choose template according your need For ML model i choose python workflow then I will give you a template you need to customise according your requirements.

You write this by manualy as well just .github/workflows/train.yaml file Then write your yaml file you don't know how to write a yaml file go to youtube and search tech world is nama GitHub Actions.

Hope this will helps you to understand how you can automate your workflows using GitHub Actions. ๐Ÿš€

Thanks for reading:)

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